Did I bid high enough?

How Microsoft Advertising can help you decide how much to bid.

When creating your keywords, Microsoft Advertising provides you suggested bids for some of the most desirable ad positions. Given that it is almost always preferable to have your ad on the first page of Bing com or Yahoo.com search results, Microsoft Advertising checks specifically for bids that will not result in a first page placement. Microsoft Advertising will provide a warning in the Keywords table (in the Delivery column) if, based on the last seven days of data from the search network, your bid is not adequate to put your ads on the first page of the search results page.

A quick comment about actual cost

The bid amount is deducted from your campaign budget each time your ad is clicked. The actual cost for each keyword or placement varies depending on the following:

  • Your bid on a keyword or placement. Your keyword or placement bid is the maximum amount you can be charged when your ad is clicked. Learn more about bidding in Set your campaign budget and bid amounts.
  • Incremental bids to target customers by time of day, gender, or other targeting criteria. When one or more of your target criteria is met and your ad is clicked, you also pay the amount of your corresponding incremental bids. Thus incremental bids can increase the cost of your default and custom bids. Learn about targeting and incremental bids in How to target my customers by adjusting my bids.

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