Getting ad campaigns up and running in Microsoft Advertising

From creating your first campaign to tips for optimization, here is a flow of steps you should follow to help create and maintain a robust, successful campaign.

Having an active and high-performing campaign takes more than just clicking the Create campaign button. This article goes through the series of steps you should take to ensure you're getting the most out of Microsoft Advertising.

Create a campaign

The first thing to do is to create a campaign. Microsoft Advertising has a number of campaign types to meet your advertising needs.

  • Search ad campaigns: The cornerstone of online advertising, search ads appear on search results pages when potential customers search for your keywords. How do I create a search ad campaign?
  • Dynamic search ad campaigns: Dynamic search ads are search ads that we create for you automatically. About dynamic search ads.
  • Audience campaigns: A native advertising solution, Microsoft Audience Ads appear on Microsoft properties and other premium platforms to people based on our proprietary AI and our understanding of customers. How do I create an audience campaign?
  • Microsoft Shopping Campaigns : Product ads use the imagery and data in your Microsoft Merchant Center Store's product feed, and appear on search results pages. Get started with Microsoft Shopping Campaigns.

Did you create enough ad groups?

Ad groups, comprising tightly related ads, are the core component in organizing your campaign. When you created your campaign, did you create an ad group for each facet of your campaign goal? If not, create some more ad groups and ads. Learn more about organizing your account and campaigns

Confirm that you're enabled

Now that your campaign is all set up, you need to make sure everything else in your account is in working order so your ads will start to display. Have you entered a payment method? Also, make sure to check that the status of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords is Enabled and that delivery is listed as Eligible. Here are a few articles to help you with this step:


Your campaign is now up and running. You could stop here, but please don't. PPC advertising is not a "set and forget" activity. Your campaign needs constant care and feeding. It's very important that you regularly monitor your campaign and make adjustments as necessary to improve its performance. A couple of things you can do right away is research more keywords, enter some good negative keywords, target your ad groups, and improve your ads with dynamic text. And don't forget to regularly use the many powerful reports that Microsoft Advertising offers.

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