Send your customers to a specific landing page

You can use URL variables to send people to the landing pages that are most relevant to the customer's search queries or other input.

Sending customers to landing pages specific to the product or service that are most relevant to the search queries or other input can help boost click-through rate, conversions, and conversion rate. You do this by associating appropriate URLs with specific keywords.

For example, if you sell shoes and you're bidding on the keyword running shoes, you can "link" a URL for the webpage where you sell running shoes to that keyword. When a customer searches for running shoes and your ad is displayed, it will include the URL you've linked with the keyword.

  1. Click Campaigns at the top of the page (or from the main menu on the left, click All campaigns > Campaign).
  2. Click the Keywords tab.
  3. Find the keyword you want to update.
  4. In the Landing page column, click the small pen icon and enter the landing page URL.
    Use the format or
    This will replace the default landing page URL created for the ad.
  5. Click Save.
  • You can assign a unique landing page URL for a match type of a keyword you’ve bid on, such as exact. For customers whose search phrases are not exact match types, such as children's running shoes (phrase match) for the example above, your ad has your default landing page URL. Customers who search for a phrase that's an exact match will see an ad with a landing page URL that leads directly to your "Running Shoes" page.
  • If the Landing page column is not displayed in the table, click Columns and select Landing page. Then click OK.

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