Get my ad to the top of the search results page

Learn some tips about how to get your ads into better positions, which helps get your ads in front of your potential customers more often.

Ads that appear in favorable ad positions on the first search results page receive more impressions than those that appear on subsequent results pages. So, it makes sense to get your ads into those favorable positions. For more info on ad position, see What is "ad position"?

Here are a few ideas to help you get your ads into those favorable positions

Increase the relevance of your ad expando image
Make sure your ads are closely related to both your keywords and your landing page. For some tips, see About improving ad relevance.
Increase the relevance of your landing page expando image
Be interesting and avoid gimmicks.
Write a more effective ad expando image
Speak to your customers, use their language, and be specific. For more suggestions, see What makes an effective ad?
Use the Top vs. other attribute column in account, campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword performance reports expando image
See performance differences (such as CPC and CTR) between mainline and bottom or sidebar ads. This can help you optimize your keyword bids to improve performance and increase your ROI. For info on running a performance report, see Create a report.
Increase the bid for your keywords, including bid adjustments for targeting expando image
The higher your bid, the more likely you'll outbid others for the same keyword and thus improve your ad's position. Using bid adjustments is a great way to help get the best position. For more information see How to target my customers by adjusting my bids.

Using bid adjustments can make your final monthly spend greater than the maximum estimated spend. However, if a customer who does not match the target criteria clicks your ad, you do not pay any incremental bids.

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