About improving ad relevance

Want to make your ads more relevant to what users are looking for? We've got some tips that can help.

Want to make your ads more relevant to what users are looking for? We've got some tips that can help. Improving your ads' relevance not only can increase your customer traffic (that all-important click-through rate), but can also improve their position on the Bing, AOL, and Yahoo search results page and even improve your quality score.

Tips for improving ad relevance

Get organized expando image

Group your keywords and ads into ad groups, organizing them around lists of highly related keywords.

This lets you write ads that are appropriate for a single set of keywords and that send your customers to landing pages that are optimized for those keywords.

Get creative with keywords expando image

Use the exact match option for your keywords: An exact match helps you show ads that customers are more likely to be interested in and want to click. For more information on exact and broad matches, see What are keyword match types, and how do I use them?

Add negative keywords to your keyword list: Adding these to your keyword list saves you from having to pay for clicks that have a low probability of conversion to sales. For more information, see Learn about using negative keywords to get to the right customers.

Add your customers' most popular search keyword to the ad title and first line of ad text: You can also use dynamic text to make your ad's title, text, or display URL display keywords that match, or closely match, the text that customers type for their search queries. Learn how in Automatically customize your ads with dynamic text parameters.

Get on target expando image

Narrow the pool of customers who see your ads by using Microsoft Advertising targeting options. You can improve your ROI by focusing on customers who are the folks you're looking for.

Do some research on your target customers: their age, gender, and geographical location, for example. Then apply that knowledge to the targeting options. For more information, How can I get my ads in front of my customers?

Be landing page smart expando image

Link to a landing page on your website that's relevant to both the ad being displayed and what customers are looking for.

If your landing page isn't what users expect (and what your ad implies) you risk having customers abandon your website, and your conversion rate will be low. You'll also risk having your ad disapproved by Microsoft Advertising.

It's best to use image alt tags and header tags to make sure the Microsoft Advertising quality score checker has access to the information regardless of whether or not your image or video links are crawled.

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