Create additional accounts

Find out how to set up additional accounts after you sign up for Microsoft Advertising and why you might want to.

When you sign up for Microsoft Advertising, you will create your first account. However, you might want to create additional accounts to more efficiently manage and monitor your campaigns. Consider setting up multiple accounts, if you want to use different:

  • Forms of payments. Each account can only have one primary payment method at a time, but you can change your payment method at any time.
  • Billing options. Each account can only have one payment setting (prepay or postpay), but you can change your payment setting at any time.
  • Currencies to pay your advertising charges. Each account can only have one currency, and you can't change the currency after you set up the account.
  • Primary Contacts. Each account can only have one Primary Contact, which can be changed at any time. A Primary Contact must be a Super Admin or Standard User who has access to the account.

To create an account

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Accounts.
  2. Select Accounts summary from the page menu on the left.
  3. From the Performance tab, select Create account.
  4. Enter the information for the new account.

    If you want another user to be the Primary Contact for the account, select them in the Primary Contact list. If they are not listed there, you'll need to add them. To learn more, see How do I give someone access to my Microsoft Advertising account?

  5. Select Create.

A few things to know about accounts

  • Your new account is assigned an account ID and number, which is what you will need to reference if you call customer support. This information appears on the Management page within Accounts summary. For more info, see How should I organize my accounts and campaigns?
  • You can use a different credit card for each Microsoft Advertising account or you can use the same card for more than one account. For more info, see Paying by credit and debit card
  • If you have a postpay threshold account, you can add a backup payment method so that your ads continue to run if there is a problem with your primary payment method. If you have a prepay account, you can set up recurring payments to avoid running out of funds and having your account paused.
  • If you no longer need an account, you can delete it at any time, as long as it has no active campaigns. To learn more, see If an account is deactivated or deleted

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