How to target customers

You can target your ads using a variety of variables, and then you can increase your bid amount to improve the chance that your ads are displayed.

If you're advertising in connection with any financial, insurance, education, career and employment, and/or housing services, you cannot use individuals' demographics—such as age, gender, location, etc.—for the purpose of personalizing advertising, segmenting, or profiling customers.

You can target your ads using a variety of variables. You can also apply bid adjustments to increase your ad's exposure to potential customers that you have targeted. Please note that if you're using automated bid strategies, we'll utilize bid adjustments as signals to optimize performance.

  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select Campaigns.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, select Campaigns.

  2. Select the name of the campaign you want to change.
  3. To target by geographic location:
    • Select Locations.
    • Select locations you want to target or exclude. You can target:
      • All available countries/regions
      • Selected countries/regions and states/provinces
      • Selected counties within the United States
      • Selected cities, metro areas, and postal codes.* For a full list of country/region availability for ad language and location targeting, see How does ad language and location targeting affect who can see my ads?


        • Not all postal codes are supported for targeting exactly within their boundaries. If you target an unsupported postal code, it will be converted into a radius target (see below).
        • For Canadian and UK postal codes, only the first segment (for Canada, the first 3 characters; for UK, the first 2-to-4-character segment) is recognized. If you enter the second segment, you will only be able to use radius targeting.
        • The boundaries of some postal codes in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and United Kingdom do not appear accurately on the map you see in Microsoft Advertising, but targeting within them will still function accurately.
      • A specified radius around a postal code, coordinates*, landmark, or area. (Note: You cannot exclude using radius targeting.)

        *Coordinates can be searched for in the format "[latitude], [longitude]" with the degrees in decimal form — for example, "44.590,-104.716".


      Microsoft Advertising will honor your location targeting settings and exclude locations you don't want to target. However, location targeting and exclusions may not always work because of factors beyond the control of Microsoft Advertising, such as a customer’s device settings or the inherent limits of geolocation via GPS, IP addresses, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth.

    • Please note if you're using this feature in Smart Mode, it's only available in United States and Canada. For more information, see Get to know your Microsoft Advertising account modes.
    • Select who exactly should see your ads: a) People in your targeted locations, or b) people in, searching for, or viewing webpages about your targeted locations.
  4. To target by other variables, you can navigate through different pages from the collapsible menu on the left.
    1. To target by specific day or time of day, adjust the settings in Ad schedule. You can increase bid adjustments up to 900% and decrease them by as much as 90%. Note: When targeting by time, you can choose to base it on Your account's time zone or the Ad viewer's time zone.
    2. To adjust other campaign targets like Age, Gender, Device, Company, Industry, and Job Function, select Demographics.


      Targeting by device, company, industry, job function, and specific day or time of day isn't available for Smart mode.


      Microsoft Advertising does not support device targeting by model/brand.

    3. To target by company, industry, and/or job function, select Edit target under each target type. Search or browse for companies, industries, and/or job functions, and select Target for the appropriate ones. Select Done for each target type. Finally, set a bid adjustment for each target.
    4. To target by device type, select Device. You can target computers, tablets, or smartphones. Bid adjustments for device types can be anywhere from -100% to +900%. Please note that we'll automatically change your bid adjustments for device type in real time to optimize performance and increase your chances for a conversion. We'll use your bid adjustment as a reference point, but the actual bid amount may be higher or lower.
  5. Select Save.
  • Ads will not be shown to customers under 18 years of age if the ad content is determined to deal with mature subjects such as gambling, tobacco, weapons, violence, alcohol, or hate speech.
  • To opt out of showing ads to customers under 18 years of age regardless of your ads' content, just submit this form (when you select the link, you will need to sign in to Microsoft Advertising if you aren't currently signed in). You can opt back in using the same form.
  • Age information from the customer's Microsoft account will be used to determine the customer's age.

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