Microsoft Advertising promotional offers (coupons)

Everything you need to know about using promotional offers on Microsoft Advertising. Coupon

Microsoft Advertising occasionally runs promotional offers, sometimes called coupons. Typically geared for new customers, promotional offers require you to spend money on your advertising campaigns first, and then we give you a credit toward advertising at no additional cost to you. Although you can't request a promotional offer, you can find them through Microsoft Advertising promotional events, online marketing drives, or other special offers.

Requirements for a promotional offer

  • Before you can redeem your promotional offer, you must have a primary payment method for your account.
  • Promotional codes can be redeemed only once. You or someone else cannot reuse a promotional code.
  • Check the details of the promotional offer for the start and expiration dates. The date on the promotional offer must be current.
  • You cannot use a promotional offer to pay for an existing balance.
  • After a promotional offer has expired or the promotional amount runs out, your ads will continue to run, and we'll charge your primary payment method (postpay account) or deduct funds (prepay account). If you have a prepay account and no funds are available, we'll pause the account.
  • Only one promotional offer can be active at any time.
  • A promotional offer may contain other restrictions. Be sure to read the details of your offer for terms and conditions.
How to add a promotional offerexpando image
If you already have a primary payment method:
  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments > Billing summary.
  2. In the section called Payment methods, select View promotional offers.
  3. Select Add promotional code, enter the promotional code, and then select Save.
If you haven't added a payment method yet:
  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments > Payment methods.
  2. Select Add card.
    (You may also choose a different payment method, such as bank transfers or PayPal. If you want to use PayPal instead of a card, see how to add a PayPal account.)
  3. Enter your promotional code.
  4. Select the country/region of your card's billing address and select Next.
  5. Enter your payment information, and select Next.
    We may make a small authorization charge (for example, $1 USD) to verify your card. This charge will be removed.
What happens after I redeem my promotional offer?expando image
  • After you add a promotional code, you will get a notification that the code was successfully added and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Typically, a promotional balance appears once you fulfill the offer's requirements, such as a minimum spend.
  • It can take up to 10 minutes for your offer to appear in your account.
  • Once your promotional balance appears on the Billing tab, we will deduct your advertising costs from the promotional balance until the offer is used up or it expires.
  • At that point, we will start charging your primary payment method (postpay threshold account) or start deducting funds (prepay account). If you do not have a prepay balance, we will pause your account until you add funds. Learn how to Add funds to a prepay account.
  • Please note that promotional balances are nonrefundable. Any remaining promotional balance is forfeited at the end of the promotional period.
How to review promotional offer details and statusexpando image
  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments > Billing summary.
  2. In the section called Payment methods, select View promotional offers.

An offer can have one of the following of statuses:

Active: Your promotional offer is successfully redeemed, and you can track your credit balance or the amount of money you need to spend to receive your credit. You can't have two active offers at one time.

Expired: The offer has expired and is no longer valid.

Depleted: You have exhausted your promotional credit.

Needs payment method: You must have a payment method on file to redeem a promotional offer. For a limited-time offer, you'll see this status along with the cutoff date to add a payment method. The status will switch to "Active" once you add a valid payment method.

Standby: If you have multiple valid offers, the offer with the earliest expiration date will activate first. Offers with later expiration dates, will remain on standby until the active offer is expired or depleted.

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