Use Microsoft Advertising recommendations to enhance your campaigns

Recommendations are AI-driven suggestions with one goal in mind: Help improve your campaign performance.

Recommendations are AI-driven suggestions with one goal in mind: Help improve your campaign performance. Recommendations help you get the most out of your budget by improving bids, keywords, and ads, which can increase the overall efficiency of your campaigns. They can also propose features you may not be taking advantage of as well as help you optimize existing ones.

How recommendations work

Microsoft Advertising Editor creates customized recommendations for you by using your account's historical performance, your campaign settings, and trends.

How do I view and apply a recommendation?

Available recommendations are represented as light bulb icons and can appear in the left pane and in the data view.

  1. From the left pane, select an item in the type list (for example, to review your campaigns, select Campaigns).
  2. If available, select the light bulb icon on the data view.
  3. Select Fix.
  4. Review your recommendation.
  5. Select Apply.

Available recommendations

Recommendations are organized based on the following categories:

Ads and extensions

Add responsive search ads. Show ads that match what potential customers are searching for with responsive search ads. Learn more about responsive search ads.

Bids and budgets

Discover the right bid tactics to meet your goals.

Fix campaigns that are limited by budget. Keep your ads running on the days your campaign has momentum by adjusting your budget.

Set estimated mainline bids. Propel your ads to the most visible area of search results with mainline bids.

Keywords and targeting

Reach more people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Add new keywords. Show your ads on more searches relevant to your business.


Fix critical issues within your account to improve its overall health and performance.


Please note that these recommendations may have been triggered because your ad group contains ads or keywords that are paused, disapproved, pending editorial review, or added within the 2-3 days it takes for our data to refresh. We are actively working to improve our accuracy in order to capture your most recent changes.

Fix ad groups that don't have any ads. Get ads running by adding ads to ad groups.

Fix ad groups that don't have any keywords. Get ad groups running by adding keywords.

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