What's ad extension scheduling?

Learn how to set your ad extensions to show during times you specify.

Ad extension scheduling can help you control when your ad extensions will show to customers. You can display ad extensions on specific days or during certain hours, so you can best cater to your targeted customers.

Benefits of using ad extension scheduling

  • Reduced wasted clicks. Schedule ad extensions to display during the most ideal time for your business.
  • Improve customer experience. Catering to targeted customers helps to increase your click-through rate potential.
  • Enhance your ad with time-sensitive offers. Highlight time-sensitive deals, promotions, and offers.
  • Achieve campaign consistency. Enjoy consistency across platforms.

What you need to know

  • Ad extension scheduling is available for the all extension types.
  • You can implement ad extension scheduling through Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Advertising Editor, Google Import, Bing Ads API, and Bulk Upload.
  • Don't forget that ad extensions are not guaranteed to serve. An ad extension serves depending on a number of factors, so scheduling your ad extension doesn't guarantee that the extensions will show then.

Start scheduling ad extentions

You can schedule an extension when you create it, or simply by editing an existing extension.

  1. From the type list in the left pane, select Shared library.
  2. From the Shared library select the ad extention with the schedule you want to ad or edit.
  3. In the edit pane, edit the start and end dates, days of the week, and time of day you want to show your ad extensions.

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