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What are shared budgets?

Learn what shared budgets are and how you can use them for your campaigns.

In Microsoft Advertising Editor, you can have each campaign use an individual budget or you can have multiple campaigns use a single shared budget. With a shared budget, Microsoft Advertising Editor automatically adjusts how your budget is spent across its campaigns to help you improve your ROI. Here's how it works:

Let's say you want to spend $40 per day on Campaign A and $40 per day on Campaign B. One day, Campaign A gets fewer clicks than usual, and only spends $30. Meanwhile, demand for ads from Campaign B is higher than usual. With individual budgets, Campaign B could run out of funds, leaving potential clicks on the table. But with a shared budget, Microsoft Advertising Editor reallocates the $10 Campaign A didn't need to Campaign B, letting it capitalize on the additional demand.

While you are only able to set up shared budgets in Microsoft Advertising, you’re able to view your shared budget details in Microsoft Advertising Editor. Select the appropriate campaign from the type list in the left panel and view the shared budget details in the Edit the selected campaigns edit pane. In the edit pane, the following fields are disabled but allows you to see the shared budget details:

  • Budget: The value of the shared budget
  • Daily budget options: How you want to spend your daily budget - Standard (spend your budget evenly through the day) or Accelerated (spend your budget as quickly as possible)


    The accelerated budget type is being deprecated for all ad campaign types except audience campaigns. Starting November 1, 2019, all search, shopping, and dynamic search ad campaigns will use standard budget delivery regardless of the budget type that you have set.

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