Product ads filter limits

Learn about product filter limits for your shopping campaigns

You can select which items from your catalog you want to include in your campaign. Choose all products, or choose specific products (filtered products), based on any of the following fields.

  • Brand: Alphanumeric value up to 1000 characters. This is the product's manufacturer, brand, or publisher.
  • Condition: Select from New, Used, Refurbished, and more.
  • ID: Alphanumeric value up to 1000 characters that is unique for each offer in your catalog.
  • Category: The Bing category of your offer. The full taxonomy and list of possible values can be found here.
  • Product type: Alphanumeric value up to 100 characters. Either a value from the Bing product taxonomy or from your custom product taxonomy. Ensure that it accurately classifies your product.
  • Custom label: Alphanumeric value up to 100 characters. Used to identify products for ad campaign filters, such as "Winter" or "Spring."

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