Microsoft Audience Network on Microsoft Advertising Editor

Learn about audience campaigns and how to create them.

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While search engine marketing is focused on showing the best ad for a search query, audience marketing is about showing the best ad for an individual person. This way, you can reach people by showing them your ad wherever they are, on whatever device they're using.

Microsoft audience ads are responsive and automatically adjust in shape and size to naturally blend in with the page they are placed on. The Microsoft Audience Network supports two ad formats: Image-based ads and feed-based ads.

How does it work?

Our AI learns about individual consumers: What they're searching for, what they read on the web, what they purchase, what information they've shared on LinkedIn and other sites, and countless other variables. Then, the AI matches individual consumers with Microsoft audience ads that are right for them, and that appear right where we know they are going to look.

Because great images grab people's attention, we recommend you add images to your ads. You can import images from your Google Ads account using Google sync, add images from your existing Microsoft Advertising account library, and/or add entirely new images that will become part of your account library. Learn more about Microsoft Advertising's Image guidelines and policies.

Creating an audience campaign

  1. Select Campaigns in the type list.
  2. Select Add campaign > Add an audience campaign in the data view.
  3. Enter your campaign information in the edit pane.

Create an audience ad group

  1. Select Ad groups in the type list.
  2. Select Add ad group in the data view.
  3. Select the campaign(s) you want to associate the ad group with.
  4. Enter your ad group information in the edit pane.

Once you've created a campaign and an ad group, you can select Keywords and targeting from the Shared library to set audience targeting.

Create an audience ad

Once you have an audience campaign and ad group up and running, you can create an audience ad.

  1. Select Ads & extensions > Audience ads in the Shared library.
  2. Select Add audience ad from the data view.
  3. Select the ad groups you want to add the audience ad to.
  4. Create your new audience ad in the edit pane.

Create an audience shoppping campaign

Before you create an audience shopping campaign, confirm that you have a Microsoft Merchant Center store and a product feed.

  1. Select Campaigns in the type list.
  2. Select Add campaign > Add an audience shopping campaign from the data view.
  3. Edit your new audience shopping campaign in the edit pane.
  4. Select Keywords and targeting > Product filters to set product filters in the edit pane.

Your campaign is now ready for you to create product filters, ad groups, ads, and audience targeting.

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