What will my ad look like?

See the different ways your ad can display in the browser and find out how to change your ad title in Microsoft Advertising Editor .

When you create your ad, Microsoft Advertising Editor shows you a preview of what your ad will look like for both the side ad and mainline ad positions on Bing search results pages. This could change depending on how Bing formats your ads. Bing does experiment with ad formats to provide the best ad experience possible to customers. These experimental formats will display in the Microsoft Advertising Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool. To learn more about the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool, see this article.

Also, your ads might look different on Yahoo search results pages depending on how Yahoo formats your ad.

You’ll notice that the mainline ad preview automatically adds either the first sentence of your ad text or the display URL to your ad title. If the first sentence of your ad text meets the following criteria, it will be added to your ad title:

  • Ends in a period, exclamation point, or question mark
  • Is followed by a space
  • Does not exceed 63 characters when combined with your ad title

To learn more about ad positions, see What is "ad position"?

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