My ad or keyword was disapproved. What should I do?

In Microsoft Advertising Editor , learn how to find out why your ad or keyword is Disapproved, verify that you're following Microsoft Advertising policies, and fix the issue.

As part of the Microsoft Advertising editorial review process, your ads and keywords are reviewed to ensure that they meet Microsoft Advertising policies. Keywords and ads that don't pass the review process receive a status of Disapproved.

Here's what you can do about it:

Determine the specific reason for the disapproval
  1. In the type list from the left pane, select either Keywords or Text ads.
  2. Select the View dropdown and select Editorial disapprovals to see all of your disapproved ads or keywords in the data view.
  3. Select a disapproved ad or keyword and review the messages in the alerts area (at the bottom of the Editor) to find the reason or reasons for the disapproval.
Consult Microsoft Advertising policies

Review the Microsoft Advertising policies related to the reasons for the disapproval. Note that the policies may vary depending on the country/region in which the ad is displayed.

Fix the issue

Select the disapproved item in the data view and make any necessary edits in either the data view or edit pane. Select Post and we'll perform a new editorial review on the updated ad or keyword.

Request an exception

If, after reviewing the Microsoft Advertising policies, you believe you were disapproved in error, you can request an exception. With the request, you tell us the reason you want an exception and we will review the ad or keyword again.

  1. In the type list from the left pane, select either Text ads or Keywords and then select Editorial disapprovals from the View dropdown list.
  2. Select the disapproved ad or keyword in the data view.
  3. In the edit pane, enter your reasons why the ad or keyword should be approved in the Reasons for requesting exceptions to editorial disapprovals field.
  4. Select Post.

The Microsoft Advertising team responds to requests as quickly as possible, and most reviews are completed within 2 business days. After we've reviewed your request, we'll send you a notification summarizing any approvals or disapprovals. You can review the decisions on the Campaigns page in Microsoft Advertising.

My ad was disapproved, but I see other ads with the same issues. Why?

We have many checks in place to identify and remove content that violates Microsoft Advertising policies. If there is content on our network that is in violation of our policies, it’s simply a matter of time before it is found and removed.

If you find content on our network that you believe is in violation of our policies, please report it to Report low quality ad submission & escalation. We'll review the item and take action if it violates our policies.

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