Estimate bids for keywords

Estimate how much you should bid for a keyword in Microsoft Advertising Editor.

You can estimate how much you should bid for a keyword so that your ad will appear in a given position on a search results page, and then bid that amount.

  1. Select the campaign from the tree view in the left pane.
  2. Select Keywords under Keywords and targeting from the type list in the left pane.
  3. Click Estimate bid above the table to start researching bids. This process can sometimes take several minutes or longer. Don’t worry – you can continue to work while we complete this research.
  4. Review the recommended bids in the Est. first page bid column. Not all keywords may get suggested bids: these can be keywords that you've already bid competitively for, or keywords that are so rare we don't have much competitive data on them.
  5. After selecting one or all of the keywords, click Apply est. bid for first page. Choose whether you want to apply bids for best position, mainline, or first page:

    Search results page areaPosition
    Best PositionThe first ad that appears in the top box above the search results.
    Main LineThe ads that appear in the top box above the search results.
    First PageThe ads that appear on the first page of the search results.

    For more information about ad positions on search results pages, see About ad position.

  • Estimated bids represent the average historical cost per click (CPC) paid.
    Average CPC is based on the following formula: maximum CPC × CTR (that is, cost per click multiplied by click-through rate).
    The tool cannot predict actual market conditions, and there is no guarantee that the estimated bids will place your ad in the estimated position.
  • To activate changes that you make in Microsoft Advertising Editor, you must post them to your Microsoft Advertising account.

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