Request an exception to an editorial disapproval

In Microsoft Advertising Editor, learn about requesting an exception to a disapproval when you believe your ad or keyword was mistakenly disapproved.

If your ads or keywords have been disapproved, you can request an exception to that decision by following these steps. If your request is denied, the decision is final.

  1. In the View drop down, select Editorial disapprovals. If you only want to see a specific subset of disapprovals, you can select one of the options under Editorial disapprovals.
  2. In the Manager pane, select the ad or keyword that you want to appeal. To request an exception for multiple items at once, select all the items you want to request exceptions for.
  3. In the Reasons for requesting exceptions to editorial disapprovals field, enter your reasons why the ads or keywords should be approved.
  4. Press the TAB key.
  5. Select Post changes to post your requests.

The Microsoft Advertising team responds to requests as quickly as possible — most reviews are completed within 2 business days. After we've reviewed your request we'll send you a notification summarizing any approvals or disapprovals. You can review the decisions on the Campaigns page of Microsoft Advertising.

For more information on dealing with disapprovals, see My ad or keyword was disapproved. What should I do?

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