Where does Microsoft Advertising show your ads?

Find out which countries and regions Microsoft Advertising is currently available in.

When you advertise with Microsoft Advertising, your ads can appear across the Microsoft Advertising Network, including Microsoft sites and partner placements. Search ads can appear with search results on sites like Bing, AOL, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and search partners. Audience ads can appear on sites like MSN, Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, Outlook, and publisher partners based on our unique knowledge about potential customers. By default, new campaigns are set up to show ads across the entire Microsoft Advertising Network to give your ads the most visibility. For more information about choosing where you want your ads to show, see About ad distribution.

The list below shows the countries/regions where your ads may appear. You can choose to target specific locations. For more information about location targeting, see About targeting customers. For a list of languages your ads can serve in, see About language options in Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Keep in mind...

  • To learn more about the countries/regions where shopping campaigns and product ads are available, see What are Product ads?

Does my business need to be in one of these countries/regions to advertise with Microsoft Advertising?

No. Your business does not need to be in one of the countries/regions listed above to advertise with Microsoft Advertising. For example, if you have a business in Morocco and want to advertise in Europe, sign up for a Microsoft Advertising account (choosing Morocco as your "business location") and use ad language and targeting options to make sure that the right people are seeing your ads.

Don't see the country/region and the ad language you are looking for?

Let us know on the Microsoft Advertising Feature Suggestions Forum, and we'll keep everyone posted as we roll out Microsoft Advertising to new markets.

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