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Tips for adding and updating campaign data

Learn the many ways you can add or udpdate data using Microsoft Advertising Editor .

There are several ways to quickly create and edit multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords in Microsoft Advertising Editor. Save time by using the method that best fits your task.

Importing campaign data from Google or Yahooexpando image

To import data from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Advertising, or a Microsoft OfficeExcel spreadsheet, first export the data from the other program to a spreadsheet. Then click Import, select the import option you want, and follow the steps in the Import Wizard.

To edit your data later, first export it to the original program. Then make your edits and import it again.

Adding new campaigns or campaign dataexpando image
Use the Multiple Changes tool to easily create new campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords. In the data view, click Make multiple changes and follow the directions.
Making extensive edits to existing campaign dataexpando image
To make simultaneous changes to more than one type of data (for example, to both ads and keywords), export the data to a spreadsheet, edit it there, and then click Import and use the Import Wizard to import the edited data.
Applying the same change to multiple campaigns, ad groups, keywords and targeting, or ads and extensions.expando image
To make the same change to many of the same type of item, such as multiple keywords or ad groups, in the Manager pane, select all the items that you want to edit, and then make the change in the Edit the selected pane. Your edit will be applied to all of the selected items.

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