Understand the Microsoft Advertising Editor user interface

This topic describes the main parts of the Microsoft Advertising Editor user interface.

We've updated Microsoft Advertising Editor's visual experience to help you stay organized and on top of your accounts. Aside from looks, we updated the names of some sections on our interface. Be sure to reacquaint yourself with their placement and descriptions below:

Microsoft Advertising Editor desktop

1. Application menu

In Windows, the application menu is at the top of the Microsoft Advertising Editor interface. In Mac OS, the application menu is at the very top of your screen.

2. Toolbar

The toolbar includes commands that enable you to upload (Post) and download (Get changes) data, import, research keywords, and more.

3. Tree view

The tree view in the left panel is where you select your accounts, campaigns, and ad groups that you want to work with. Details about the item selected in the tree view are displayed in the data view.

Learn more about the advanced search and filtering functions of the tree view.

4. Type list

The type list in the left pane contains items from your selected account, campaign, or ad group. Like the tree view items, details about the item selected from the type list are displayed in the data view.

5. Data view

The data view is a workspace for viewing and editing campaign data. You can choose whether to view detailed information about campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords here by making a selection in the tree view or type list. For more information, see Customize the data view.

6. Alerts

If there are any relevant error messages, recommendations, warnings, or conflict messages, they will show up here.

7. Vertical edit pane

The edit pane is where you bulk-edit information in campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. The icons on the top of the pane provide various edit options, such as Edit the selected campaign, URL options, and Labels.

For more information, see a video overview of Microsoft Advertising Editor.

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