About language options in Microsoft Advertising Editor

You can manage your Microsoft Advertising Editor  account in one language and run ads in a different language.

You can manage your Microsoft Advertising Editor account in one language and run ads in a different language.

Product language: Microsoft Advertising Editor interface

Your Microsoft Advertising Editor product language is based on your operating system's language and region settings. Available product languages include English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Ad language: Your target customers

Your ad language setting determines the language you will use when you write your ads and should be the language of your customers.

This setting:

  • Applies to all ads in an ad group. (Best practice: If you want to run your ads in multiple languages, consider setting up an ad group for each language.)
  • Defaults to the ad language you selected for the campaign.
  • Can be changed when you create an ad group, but cannot be changed later.

Available ad languages

Albanian Japanese
Bosnian Latvian
Bulgarian Lithuanian
Croatian Macedonian
Czech Maltese
Danish Norwegian
Dutch Polish
English Portuguese
Estonian Romanian
Finnish Serbian
French Slovak
German Slovenian
Greek Spanish
Hungarian Swedish
Icelandic Traditional Chinese
Italian Turkish

Your ad language in combination with your location targeting determines who will see your ads. To learn more, see How does location targeting and ad language affect who can see my ads?

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