Negative keyword conflicts

Negative keyword conflicts

"Possibly intentional" negative keyword conflicts

Negative keywords or keyword phrases help prevent your ad from being displayed when a search query or other input contains your keywords but is irrelevant to your landing page content. Some advertisers, however, intentionally create negative keyword conflicts to block a portion of match type traffic.

For example, if your phrase match keywords are “stereo plug,” you might also choose “stereo plug” as your negative keyword text to match only with this phrase. In this scenario, customers that are searching for specific items like “3.5mm stereo plug” or “gold stereo plug” are more likely to see your ad.

Regardless of the advertiser's intentions, if the text of the keyword and the negative keyword are identical, it will result in a conflict. Since Microsoft Advertising cannot determine whether this conflict is intentional or accidental, it is highly recommended that you review the Conflict Type column in Reports.

Possible conflict types are:

Possibly intentional: The text of the keyword and the negative keyword are identical, and the match type of the negative keyword is more restrictive than the match type of the keyword.

True: Any other negative keyword conflict.

If you are an advertiser who employs this strategy, (intentionally blocking a portion of match type traffic), you can use this column to filter out intentional negative keyword conflicts. If you’re not, please investigate and fix both types of conflicts.

For more information on negative keywords, please visit Learn about using negative keywords to get to the right customers

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