Test your tracking template when you create an ad

Test your tracking template when you create an ad

Learn how to test your tracking template to make sure it will send customers to the right landing page.

When you create an ad that uses a tracking template, you can now test the template to make sure it will send customers to the right landing page.

How it works

  1. From the Ads tab, click Create ad.
  2. Fill in the ad's details.
  3. Click Ad URL Options to expand the section.
  4. Enter your tracking template URL in the Tracking template box.
  5. Click the Test button next to the Tracking template box.

    Location of the test button

  6. Check the resulting message below the Tracking template box for a brief description of the results.
  7. Click the ellipsis icon More information icon next to the message to see the full test results.
What the full test results showexpando image
The full test results window contains the following information:
Results message
The message indicates whether a problem was encountered with the landing page and provides the landing page URL that the testing tool returned.
Click URL
The click URL is passed to your website server or third-party tracking system when the search user clicks the ad. The testing tool constructs the click URL by appending the tracking template parameters and their values to the final URL.
Tracking template
This is the tracking template that will be applied when the ad is served. We also show what entity level the template is coming from.
Final URL
This is the URL you entered when you created the ad.
The listed URL and custom parameters and their values will be passed to your third-party tracking system when the ad is served.
How to fix issuesexpando image
If your results message is "Page found," the testing tool successfully found your landing page, and you're good to go! But if not, here's what to do about it:
Page not found
The testing tool found no results for this URL. Please make sure your tracking template, custom parameter(s), and final URL are correct.
URL mismatch
There is a mismatch somewhere in your URL, which is not allowed. Your landing page and final URL must share the same domain, the URLs in your redirect chain must begin with your final URL, and the redirects after your final URL must stay on the same domain. Please review your URL and make sure it meets the requirements listed in the Microsoft Advertising URLs and landing page policies page.
Page unreachable
We couldn’t reach the landing page. The request may have timed out. Please try again.
System error
We encountered an error while testing your landing page. Please try again.

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