Add visual elements to your ad with Image Extensions

Add visual elements to your ad with Image Extensions

Add visual elements to your ad with an Image Extension.

Image Extensions are a great way to add some visual elements to your ad. Providing visual elements to your ads not only helps them stand out but also gives customers a better idea of what to expect when they click your ad. Adding an Image Extension to your ad is free and with any ad, you only pay when your ad is clicked. You can add up to six images per ad group or campaign but keep in mind that only one image will be served per ad.

Image Extensions

Ability to set up in: All Bing markets

Serves in: All Bing markets, except China.

Image Extensions can be created or edited at the account, campaign, or ad group level. To select the level you want to make the changes in, select Account, Campaign, or Ad group below the Ad Extensions tab.

Add an Image Extension expando image
  1. Click Campaigns at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Ad Extensions tab.
  3. If not already selected, click Image Extensions and select and select Account, Campaign, or Ad group.
  4. Click Create ad extension and select the campaign you want to add the Image Extension to.
  5. Click Create new Image Extension.
  6. Enter the Name/Display Text, Description (optional), and Destination URL(optional) of the Image Extension.
  7. To Select your images, you can Select an existing image or your brand logo or Upload new images. Click on the image(s) you want to appear in both Bing and MSN, and review the images in Selected images. You can also click on See how your images will look in an ad to get an idea of how your image may appear.
  8. Click Save.
How do I associate an Image Extension at the account level? expando image
  1. Click Campaigns at the top of the page.
  2. Click All Campaigns in the left navigation page.
  3. Click the Ad Extensions tab.
  4. If not already selected, click Image Extension and then Account.
  5. Click Create ad extension.
  6. Select the Image Extension you want to add from the Available Image Extensions list and click the arrow to move it over to the Selected Image Extensions box.
  7. Click Save.
Image specifications expando image

Requirements for adding an image to an extension are:

  • Accepted file types for images: .jpeg, .png, and .gif (without animation)
  • 16 : 9 aspect ratio is required for the extension to be eligible to serve on Bing.
  • Images must be relevant to the ad and landing page(s).
  • We recommend that the image can also be found on the ad's landing page to ensure relevance.
  • Upload high-resolution images only so they do not pixelate or degrade across screens.
  • Images that are text-only, text-heavy, or contain phone numbers are not permitted.
  • Text that functions as part of a logo is acceptable.
  • For PNG images, the recommended best practice is to not use a transparent background.

Learn more about Microsoft Advertising Policies for image, audio, and video.

Image dimensions for upload requirements for all aspect ratios:

  • Minimum image dimensions: 760 x 400 pixels
  • Maximum image dimensions: 1900 x 1000 pixels
  • Recommended image dimensions: 1200 x 628 pixels

When you upload an image, and the Image Extension is being served on Bing, it'll automatically be cropped to four preset aspect ratios for your use:

Aspect ratio Min. dimensions (pixels) Max. dimensions (pixels)
1.2 : 1 300 x 250 1200 x 1000
4 : 3 100 x 75 1333 x 1000
1.5 : 1 300 x 200 1500 x 1000
16 : 9 640 x 360 1778 x 1000
Note: If you're not satisfied with the images auto-cropped into the four aspect ratios listed above, you can upload your own images individually. Just make sure they adhere to the image requirements above once they have been manually cropped.
What you need to know about Image Extensionsexpando image

What you need to know:

  • Up to six images can be associated with each account,campaign, or ad group but only one image per ad will be served. All uploaded images will be rotated.
  • A maximum of 1,000 campaigns and 1,000 ad groups can have Image Extensions.
  • Image Extensions can be used for any keyword. Keep in mind, though, that keywords must be relevant to the images and ad copy. Keywords can include brand, product, and category terms.
  • Reporting data will show in the existing ad extension details report.
  • Image Extensions' 16:9 ratio images will serve on Bing, while other image ratios will be used for Microsoft Audience Ads images. Learn more about Microsoft Audience Ads.

What we recommend:

  • We strongly recommend that you submit customer-ready Display text and Description for each Image Extension. Both of these may show as part of your ad in future versions of the extension.
    • Display text (required): Maximum of 35 characters
    • Description (optional): Maximum of 100 characters (highly recommended)
  • Provide a URL to be associated with each image. If a URL is not provided, clicking an image will be directed to the ad’s landing page. However, when keyword URLs are provided, it will override the ad URL.
  • While there is no restriction on background colors, we recommend that you avoid using white backgrounds and for .png images, avoid using a transparent background.
Difference between Image Extensions and product adsexpando image
Image Extensions Product ads
Target segment Travel, automotive, high consideration or luxury goods, service, and lifestyle businesses Retail and e-commerce
Advertiser objective Drive clicks, consideration, awareness Drive clicks, online purchase, product comparisons
Feature differences
  • Uses an image library, where images can be re-used across campaigns and ad groups
  • Can be targeted to any keyword or ad group
  • Uses one image per ad
  • Images are uploaded by advertiser
  • Exclusively mainline

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