How to have an agency manage your Microsoft Advertising account

How to have an agency manage your Microsoft Advertising account

Find out how to have an agency manage your accounts, including creating ads, managing keyword bids, and setting budgets.

When an agency manages your account, you give them permission to perform all campaign management tasks, including creating ads, managing keyword bids, and setting budgets.

The process for having an agency manage your account looks like this:

  • You and your agency develop a working relationship outside of Microsoft Advertising, which can include signing a contract that specifies the details of the relationship.
  • You give the agency your Microsoft Advertising account number.
  • Through Microsoft Advertising, your agency sends you a request to manage your account.
  • You accept the request, and the agency begins managing your account. You can still sign in at any time and view or edit your account and campaigns.

We strongly recommend that you or the agency create a separate account for you through the Microsoft Advertising sign up process and then have the agency send you a request to link to your account. If the agency creates an account for you under their customer name, your account will not be able to be unlinked from that agency if you choose to manage the account yourself or have another agency manage it. In that case, you'll have to re-create your account.

Working with agencies FAQ

How do I accept an agency request?expando image

When an agency requests permission to manage your Microsoft Advertising account, you will receive an email from Microsoft Advertising. You have 30 days to accept or decline the request in Microsoft Advertising. After 30 days, the request will be declined automatically.

  1. Click the gear icon gear icon, and then click Accounts & Billing.
  2. Click the Requests tab, and then click Receive.
  3. Click Accept request or Decline request under Actions.

For more information about managing linked accounts, see Linking to an existing account.

Who pays for your account charges?expando image

Often, the agency takes over as the "bill-to customer" on your account. This means that the agency will pay for all advertising costs in Microsoft Advertising, and then bill you later. If you prefer, you can continue to pay all advertising costs directly to Microsoft Advertising, even if your agency is doing the day-to-day campaign management. Just let the agency know which you prefer before they send you the request.

Keep in mind that if you have a monthly invoiced account that is managed by an agency, they can create, edit, approve, and cancel insertion orders even if you are the bill-to customer.

The agency is going to pay the bills, but I have a balance in my account. What happens to the balance?expando image

If the agency pays the account charges and you have a prepay account with a balance, we will refund your balance to your original payment method. If for some reason that refund fails, we will send you a check or wire transfer, depending on the country/region of your account. Please keep in mind that the mailing time for checks can take up to 5 weeks. For more information, see About credits, refunds, and adjustments.

How do I find an agency?expando image

If you want to find an agency to manage your Microsoft Advertising account, you can check out our directory of accredited Microsoft Advertising partners who are experts in online advertising and campaign management.

How do I stop an agency from managing my account?expando image

As the account owner, you can remove a managing customer at any time. Managing customers can also remove other managing customers—except for the account owner. In addition, account owners can remove access from any managing customers on their account.

  1. Click the gear icon gear icon, and then click Accounts & Billing.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, select the account that you want from the drop-down list at the top of the page.
  3. Under Access, click Unlink next to the Managing customer whose account access you want to remove.
  4. Enter the Start date, which is the date you want to stop managing the account.
  5. Add an optional Note, which can serve as a helpful memo for you.
  6. Click Unlink.

Note: If you unlink the bill-to customer responsible for billing, you'll automatically become the bill-to customer unless someone else is already queued up to take over billing. Also, postpay threshold and monthly invoice accounts will be paused for up to 3 hours when a bill-to customer is unlinked. No ads will serve while outstanding charges are settled.

Where can I find my account number?expando image
The account number is different than the customer ID or account ID. Account numbers are an eight-digit mix of numbers and letters. To find your account number:
  1. Click the gear icon gear icon, and then click Accounts & Billing.
  2. Do one of the following:
    If you have one account, the account number is shown on the Accounts tab in the Account section.
    If you have more than one account, see the Account number column in the table.

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